Sorry for the delay in getting this latest post out to you, folks… We had a hurricane to deal with down here!  The good news is everyone came through safe and sound (Good timing on that screen enclosure, huh! My property has not been so lucky)…


Before we start, there’s a caveat. This system is for advanced poker players only. As you’ll soon see, it’s very simple and I’m pretty sure anyone – even a beginner – will be able to use it successfully.


But I can’t guarantee it. That’s because poker is an inexact science and there’s a great deal of instinct involved…even when using my system. I’ve been playing for many years, so I understand all the nuances. You should too, before you start using this system. I recommend you play a bit on your own, and maybe read a couple of the well-known poker books before you start putting real money on the line. (The books are generally misleading. They espouse the tight-aggressive way of playing, in other words, they teach you to play like everyone else. But they’re still useful. They’ll give you the probabilities, lots of tips, ways to spot player tells etc. They just won’t show you how to win consistently.


It’s not that the pros are lying either. I just don’t think they emphasize the right message. Their books get you to focus on the mechanics of individual hands. They teach you about probabilities and the importance of position. This is important, to be sure, but it’s nothing every other good player doesn’t already know.


The pros, on the other hand, use a total-game strategy. They don’t play one hand at a time and, even more crucially, they don’t ignore their opponents; they read them. I win by looking at the bigger picture and adjusting my entire game plan accordingly. This is how the pros play. And this is the strategy I’m about to teach you.)


Secondly, my system is very demanding. And not everyone will have the aptitude for it. The system demands long periods of unbroken concentration. You have to be able to focus, I mean really focus, with an intensity that most people may not be used to. Every detail must be noticed. Missing just one is often fatal.


You need to think differently about money…with complete emotional detachment. No fear of losing. It sounds easy, but it’s not. It takes a lot of balls to throw large amounts of money at a pot when you have a terrible poker hand. Some people simply aren’t reckless enough to do it, and therefore will never make the same discovery I did. It’s very stressful. If you use my system, you’re gonna have to do this all the time!


As I already said, we’re trying to play differently to everyone else. The system is entirely counter-intuitive. But it works.  Let’s get into more detail tomorrow…


(This one of my running online poker musings.  You can learn more about me right here.)

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