“unXXXXing believable” backed up Dirtyballz’s response in the little chat window players use for comments. “dice is a moron.”


I get called a moron five or six times a day by other poker players. And an idiot. And a dumbass. And a lucky motherfucker.


Not only do they insult me, they tell me I’m an awful poker player…frequently. One guy even said I was “the worst player he had ever seen with his own eyes.”


I love this sort of abuse. Not everybody gets it. Very few actually. I’m definitely one of the chosen ones. I really play like an asshole, consistently; that’s why it happens. I just keep bluffing and bluffing. It really makes them angry.


I covet the insults. It means I’m playing properly.


I never respond either. I’d like to tell them the truth. I’d like to tell them how my various poker accounts are all overflowing with cash. I’d like to brag how I haven’t had a losing day in the last week, or how I hardly have any losing days anymore.


I’d like to tell them how I turned $100 into $15,342 in little over 5 months…! (But I will tell you how I did it, in the posts that follow…)


(This one of my running online poker musings.  You can learn more about me right here.)

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