“dice is a moron.”


Dirtyballz was pissed off. He’d just lost his whole stack of chips…worth nearly $50.


And pissed off he should have been. He’d played his hand like a pussy. He’d been dealt one of the best hands possible and had played it like a pussy.


I’d had a 9 and a 10. He’d been dealt an Ace and a King. I’d raised right off the bat, six bucks. He’d called. Everyone else’d folded.


The flop fell 7, A, 8.


I bet again – another eight dollars – hoping he’d think I had a pair of aces and that he’d fold. No chance. He was holding a pair of aces himself…with the best possible kicker.  But he played it wrong. He called my bet. He matched it. He should have raised. If he’d raised, I’d have folded…in a heartbeat. But he didn’t. He just called.


I knew I was the underdog as soon as he called, but it didn’t matter. A 6 fell on the turn. I had turned a straight. I pushed my whole stack into the middle and he called. I won the pot.
Good-bye Dirtyballz…


(This is the first installment of my running online poker musings.  You can learn more about me right here.)

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